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Forest Hangs presents you with a diverse range of Australian artists each with their own unique talents. Recycled, up-cycled and handmade crafts from locals are what we're all about!

Welcome to Forest Hangs

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  • Taylah Hendy Photography

    Growing up in the Northern Territory Taylah has regularly been involved in lots of outdoor activities, sports and the art scene. Always surrounded by music and art she found a passion for photography. Travelling to beautiful places across the globe and capturing divine scenes with her lens. From live shows to exhibitions. Taylah has a talent for all to love!

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  • Jack Bingham Textiles

    Jack is a fine art student from Brisbane with a passion for handmade goods and therapeutic craft. Each piece is handmade, using original patterns which he has designed through years of experimentation. His focus is to produce one of a kind functional and funky textile objects. Seeking inspiration through nature and from the Arts and Crafts movement of the 19th century, Jack's work is vibrant with a strong attention to detail. Follow @jacksgoodcrochet on Instagram for regular updates!

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  • Thomas Kallonas Photography

    Proud Greek Heritage, Darwin raised this amazing photographer provides a diverse range of talent. From weddings and christenings to capturing that unique sunset shot.  Every piece provided comes with lots of thought behind the process. Photography sessions now available through Thomas's website.

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  • Madeline Forest

    The forest fairy collection
    Vibrant and passionate about creating with colour! This young Australian artist creates with paints, resins, clay and as much colour as possible! Holding multiple art shows and creative days over  the last servals years it is always exciting to see what this one will create next!

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  • Henry Harbison Photography

    With a love for outdoors this photographer has become quite the storm chaser, waterfall finder and outback adventurer. Henry has been to the skies to get the right shot from above or has run to the edge of a cliff for the perfect powerful lightening strike. Range of art available in prints, card, calendars or custom packs.

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-A place where the leaves tell the secrets of the woods in the wind- Check back regularly for updates-

The Whispering Trees

Upcoming events

Stay tunned for 2023 another year filled with artist creative potential and Forest Hangs events.

Past Events

Take a look into my mind. Held at Abbotsford convent. Forest Hang's first event.

The Wet Season Garden Gallery
showcasing 5 locals artists.

The Dry Season Garden Gallery showcasing 8 local artists. Partnered by the Darwin Fringe Festival.

Recycle, Upcycle, Create

Forest Hangs is dedicated to making sure our foot print is small. With each year comes more imagination and wonderful ideas of how to do this. Connecting with like minded locals both artists & customers we are creating a community around recycling and making art.

Know a local legend?

Are you or someone you know creating, recycling, up-cycling wonderfully unique art pieces? Are you interested in online promotion and real life art shows? Forest Hangs has positions available for both of these. You can even showcase from interstate. Email foresthangs@gmail.com to find out more!

A big thank you from Forest Hangs

With all the love in our hearts we just want to say a big thank you again for the massive amounts of support felt over the years. We are a small but mighty group determined to host enchanted events for creative souls. An online space to shop for high quality art while knowing you're fully supporting the local artist who made it. Thank you for being you!